About Me

My Vision Statement: I am committed to being a passionate & loving presence, helping people authentically connect, & exploring the depth & beauty of this life experience.


I create  and facilitate containers that allow for maximum authenticity and honesty – greater than most people allow themselves or have ever experienced in relationship. I allow for, but don’t rely on spiritual beliefs, or other theories that can muddy the waters of what is really happening between two people, or with an individual between their ears.

I use my skills to see what others are missing and then use practical yet seemingly magical tools and techniques that help you see what you are missing that is tripping you up. Often, just by seeing with new eyes everything shifts – nothing to fix. New awareness breeds new behavior. Shifts in relationship perspective automatically shift the dynamics of the relationship and people who saw each other at odds suddenly realize they are on the same team and fighting for the same things. Practical. Magical.

I work equally with individuals as couples. In fact, most couples work ends up being more like two individuals doing their own work just in the same room, and eventually even supporting each other – which is a brilliant shift for couples who have been feeling like they’ve been working against each other for too long.




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