You’re not choosing between abundance and lack, you’re choosing between abundance and thoughts of lack. There exists only abundance for you.


Life is supposed to feel good for you.

Abraham Hicks, on desire and meditation:

“Life is supposed to feel good for you. These things are always true: You will never feel good if you don’t have desires that you are allowing right now. You will never feel good holding a desire that you’re not allowing.

So, how do you not disallow?

By focusing on something that doesn’t hold the negative framework, (and) that you are better in no thought than trying to bring a negative thought to a positive thought.”

Am I being tested?

The universe, God, source, your inner being, your feelings, your judgments, your brain… are never never never never never testing you. No one is testing you. There is no test. They’re just reflecting back to you where you are, so that you can be aware, and open and love more. How else would you know where you’re at? 😘


I’m thinking of someone I want something from: love, acceptance, sex, intimacy, understanding, belonging.

And I’m asking myself, how can I be more in alignment with my inner self?

So that: A. I realize this is an inner want I need to (get to) satisfy within myself. And I release them from the obligation to satisfy it.

And: B. By being so satisfied, I become more attractive to someone who matches my satisfaction.