Whatever arises, love that

I accept that whatever shows up in my life about myself (or reflected in others) shows up to be loved and accepted, not judged… including loving and accepting myself when I’m being judgemental. 

Remember that the reason things happen is to remind you of what is already inside you next up and needing to be loved and accepted. External triggers are the opportunities that bring to your attention what is already next in line to be loved and accepted. Your insides don’t cause the outside, and the outside doesn’t cause the inside (so no need to excavate, blame, and fix). Both our internal and external triggers are simply reminders of what is already in us that next needs our love and acceptance, and we liberate it out of ourselves and out of humanity by loving and accepting it more not less. 

(Thanks to Matt Kahn)


A powerful human knows they are powerful without reference to others. That is what makes them powerful. Further, a powerful human’s power comes from their ability to empower others along with themselves – to be the light while simultaneously reminding others of their own light. Empowered humans rise like the tide, taking all ships with them.