Meditation is not the practice of not thinking, meditation is the practice of being with and allowing your thoughts and feelings without assisting or resisting them.


Birthing your Gift

The reason you give your gift is because you feel you have a gift to give. You do it to get it out of you. The gift you give yourself is letting it go, giving birth, and letting it breathe and have a life of its own. You are brought to life by letting it have its own life.

Do not speak into a space that is not receiving you.

Do not speak into a space that is not receiving you.
This requires both the speaker and the receiver to be listening.
The speaker must listen for the receiver’s ability to hear and receive.
The receiver must be listening actively to receive the speaker.
*If you find this simplistic, know that it is the rarest and most desirable communication and connection. Without it, we feel the dull feeling of disconnect – lonely while not alone.


Being human is being imperfect. If you have an idea that you need to be healed or to be fixed to be loved or to be good enough, realize that you will never be completely healed, you will never be fixed, because to be human is to be imperfect. The healing comes when you realize that this is it, and it’s perfect. Your wholeness becomes evident when you realize that you only need to be fixed when you are choosing to see yourself as broken. The healing doesn’t come from you finally fixing yourself, the healing comes from realizing and accepting that you are fabulously flawed and that that is perfect, and there is nothing more to do than celebrate your being alive and get on living it as it is and as you are.