The filters of your perception do not allow you to fully comprehend the depths of your unique lovability and irreplaceability. You are not a unique snowflake, you are a blizzard of baffling beauty, of overwhelming interstellar mystery, posing as an impossible imposter of improbable importance. You are not great, you are not good enough, you are simply enough, and that is all there is or ever will be.


I’m lost. Yay!

If you make it your intention to be your authentic self, what will likely happen is you’ll find yourself feeling more and more lost, confused, and unsure. Things fall apart. This is what happens when you commit to taking off your masks with the intention of discovering and creating your authentic best self.

It’s important to remember that feeling lost is a necessary step in the direction of finding yourself. Without feeling lost, you would simply find more masks to put over the masks you’re already wearing. This is the benefit of hitting rock-bottom, of coming to zero… you discover the blank slate of empty and meaningless from which you get to create your own intentional authentic being. From lost, the possibilities are endless, and you alone get to be the creator of your own authentic masterpiece.