Generosity is not a product of being wealthy, it is a product of recognizing what one has to give.

Abundance isn’t when you receive a lot; that’s the abundance of the person who gave you a lot. Abundance is when you give from what you have. So if you want to get in the abundance vibe, be giving more. The only way you know you are abundant is if you are giving. What do you have to give? What do I have to give? (paraphrasing Jacob Glass, quoting Jo Goldsmith)


Truth is magic. Magic is truth.

This is what magic is. It’s not what you think it is; It’s what you can’t imagine it isn’t. It’s simple. It’s the truth hidden in plain sight. Magic is the revelation of what you’re withholding and how that one domino being lifted expands everything exponentially.


Nine times out of ten, when you are afraid in a relationship, it is because you are being haunted by previous wounds and fears, and therefore not connected to the truth reality before you. The trick is to wake up from that haunting, realize that it has little to do with the person or situation before you, and choose from this present fearless state. It is challenging though because the person and reality before you seem so real. They are real, but the fears you’ve attached to them generally are not. You free yourself by freeing them of your hauntings. In other words, you’re not afraid of hurting them or getting hurt, you’re afraid of revealing that you are haunted, and that you’ve allowed these ghosts to permeate this relationship, in spite of the fact that they do not exist at all even in the slightest.

(Note: No, I do not mean literally haunted by actual ghosts. Don’t make that up too.)