The integration of integrity

I am always in integrity with my commitment. If I am only 50% committed, it is a gift for me to see why, and integrate that shadow, which might make me more committed or less committed, depending on my truth. If I notice that I am not 100% committed, it is a sign that somewhere something is not integrated (out of integrity) for me. It is an opportunity for me to become integrated, to bring light to my shadows so that I not only complete the task, but become more integrated as part of its journey.
On the other hand, I might realize the task is out of integrity for me (not what I really want to be doing), and choose otherwise. I am never truly out of integrity when I am generous and gentle with myself and my being and accept my little awakenings and course-changes as part of my journey. Nothing is wrong, everything is supporting my integration, my wholeness, including this noticing of where I am now, and loving and accepting myself here and now so that I move forward as whole, rather than moving forward in search of wholeness; so that I move forward in integrity, rather than moving forward in search of integrity.