When I argue for my weaknesses I get to keep them. When I argue for my strengths… guess what?

I’m speaking in the language of what is, how it sounds in my mind. That’s what my mind is doing when it’s doing it; it’s arguing for why I should stay small. It’s full-on hustling, it’s campaigning. If I’m not hustling for my strengths, I lose. Love and light ain’t gonna do it here. This is hardcore awareness.

When I’m in a conversation with a friend, and they say, “Scott, you really want to do this and you’re so talented and you’d be great at this and you’d really serve a lot of people by creating this,” and I respond with, “Yeah, but what if they don’t like it, or what if it doesn’t turn out how I envision it, or wait, I need to prepare more, or whatever… that’s me arguing for my weaknesses. The point is to catch myself doing it, and to recognize it for what it is.

1. Tell me one way you argue for your weakness.
2. Tell me one way you can flip that to be arguing for your strength.


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