What purpose does the Ayahuasca experience serve?

Someone asked me, what purpose does the Ayahuasca experience serve? This was my answer:

In spite of all the amazing and beautiful visuals and dimensions and layers of reality that come into focus under the influence of Ayahuasca, the benefit of a traditional Ayahuasca ceremony is for one to sit in meditation in the midst of all that whirlwind and to keep reminding yourself that this too is a dream, but I am the center of it, I hold it, I am the experiencer of the dream, the storm, I am the creator of the vision, or at least the dreamer of the dream. 

No matter how crazy things got during my ceremonies, my Shaman guide by my side would simply remind me to stay present, come back to presence, come back to your meditation, come back to center, don’t buy into the cartoonland, the pretty lights, the visuals, the dreams or nightmares, any more than the waking world. This is yet another opportunity for you to awake and realize yourself present in it. 

Ayahuasca simply gives you a powerful and intense container for you to build your muscles, accelerate your being, and undo your learning, so that when the ceremony is over, you are better able to remember that you are always in ceremony, you are always swimming in colors, you are always the presence at the source, experiencing the experience.


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