To believe or not to believe…

If one’s belief in a belief reinforces the belief, 
do you really believe in what you believe in, 
or do you believe in your belief of what you believe in?


For me an important distinction is, is it happening to me, or am I creating it? Am I playing the victim or the creator? Am I at choice or at fate? If my belief is that the Universe is doing anything to me, good or bad, there is a disconnect, a subtle victimization that doesn’t honor our inclusiveness in our own belief systems. 

If I believe that the Universe is creating the playback, then I am not the Universe; but if I realize that I am creating the playback, then I might realize that I am the Universe.


The weight of Man’s Search for Meaning – that even in the most “obvious” victim circumstances with no visible choice or reprieve, playing the victim is still always a choice, and being a conscious creator is always the better choice. 

Our beliefs are important, not because they are true, but because they become our truth by our believing in them.


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