Conversation with my lover

A glimpse into the little things that make my relationships work:

Lily: hey
are you at home?

Scott: hey beautiful

Lily: Ya know, you say “hey beautiful” to pretty much any woman you chat with, but every time you say it to me, I get this little thrill of happiness.
“eeee, he thinks I”m beautiful!”

Scott: Such is life in the rose garden.

Lily: It like… never gets old.
I’m not a rose. I’m a Lily!

Scott: I just laughed out loud.
you’re beautiful
in so many ways

Lily: I think the beauty of this exchange, of this feeling, is A) I trust and love you enough to really take such things you say as a true compliment and B) I have the confidence and self-love to accept it as true.

Scott: You are smart.
I was going to say that the words don’t matter, it’s the connection and intention between two people.

Lily: yes. that too. I think that’s why every time you say it, I get that thrill.

Scott: that’s the beauty of being present – it never gets old
Bumper sticker – “Being present never gets old.”


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