Anger is a way of punishing yourself for other people’s shortcomings.


Dog Park Romance & Love

Romance is seeing a girl’s dog shit on the lawn and picking her shit up for her.

Love is seeing a girl’s dog shit on the lawn and handing her a baggie so she can pick up her own shit.


Thou shalt not judge + Impossible = Make better use of your judgments

The best way I know to get to “nonjudgmental” is to let myself freely judge… everything and everybody… with the disciplined awareness that all my judgments are reflections of my own unowned shadows/blind-spots. (*No one need know about my judgments of them, they are not about them anyway.) In this sense, others act as mirrors to help me see myself more clearly, so I silently thank those I judge for their generous reflection. Eventually, my judgments loose their power, because now they are gifts that help me see my blind spots. I integrate my judgments, (rather than judging them as bad and trying to get rid of them) so that they serve both me (I learn about myself) and the you (when I own my judgments, I don’t need to project them out onto you.) This is how I get to not judging. But to tell myself to not judge when I am judging is just silly, not to mention impossible.