What I say about others will tell you more about me than them.


There is no consciousness without unconsciousness.

If you are unconscious in the way you practice your consciousness then you are no better off than if you were simply unconscious. Being conscious is not acting conscious nor having a conscious practice of namaste and love & light or whatever. Consciousness is simply being presently conscious to what is. Awareness is simply being presently aware. Your awareness that you are unconscious in this present moment is consciousness. That awareness of present unconsciousness is preferable to any general practice of consciousness. That awareness of present unconsciousness is practicing consciousness. This is why consciousness requires vulnerability and compassion, because you get to be aware of how often you are unconscious, while still being loving and gentle and accepting throughout.

Anger is a diffusion of fear.


Anger is a diffusion of fear.
Watch a mother in a store who has lost her son.
What is the first thing she does when she finds her child?
She yells at him.
“Don’t ever run off like that again!”
She expresses anger to diffuse the fear she had of loosing him.

What makes you angry?

What hidden fear are you attempting to diffuse with your anger?

Acknowledge your fear and let go of your anger.