Resistance to Dogma

(or, defining ourselves by what we are not)

If you are in resistance to dogma you will find your resistance to it present for you and likely bothersome. But if you allow for dogma and simply notice and experience your resistance to it with the same ease and detachment as you do everything during meditation, you will find it’s significance diminish to the level of background noise. You will be able to take in and appreciate what serves and enlightens you without feeling the need to push away or refute what annoys you and what you disagree with.

Imagine being able to walk into any church, synagogue, mosque, workshop, or gathering of any sort, and listen to what is said — gleaning whatever message or knowledge or perspective grows your soul, without regard or resistance to the general beliefs of the organization, and without feeling the need to point out things you disagreed with or saw fault with. Imagine none of it pricked or prickled you, and if it did, you simply noticed the sensation of resistance without feeling the need to declare it, or say, no, I disagree with that.

Imagine being able to meet a friend or a group of friends and share ideas and thoughts without once feeling the need to refute or challenge each other’s ideas or beliefs. Imagine simply listening to each other, accepting each other’s input as theirs, offering different opinions, being curious about other’s opinions, and never having to defend your opinion, or feeling the need to say, no, I don’t agree. Imagine simply listening and experiencing each other without resistance.

Imagine your life and your relationships as meditation, as flow, without resistance.

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