My first sunrise in Bali

Saturday, Nov. 13, 2010

I awoke just before the sun to find Buddy sleeping on the couch. Yesterday, Tarah introduced me to the two dogs who make our house their home. She’s named them both Buddy which i find both amusing and possibly confusing for the dogs. She assured me they don’t speak english so it is of no consequence.

My first Bali sunrise in our backyard complete with morning bed head.

Last night Tarah rode me on the back of her motorbike out to Deus Ex Machina, the nicest restaurant in our area of Canggu. As we rode there, she mentioned that the road we were on was usually quite pitted & bumpy and that the new asphalt must have just been just laid today. Moments later, down the road, a man flagged us down, yelling, “Too hot! Too hot!” As we slowed, the heat of the ground all around us became more apparent . We pulled off into the dirt side and kept on past a crew of men and machines who just moments before were laying the asphalt beneath us.

There’s a cow on my front porch.

At dinner, Tarah told me matter factly that the road had been paved for me. Everything that had materialized thus far was manifested by me. She said that everything – her & Dawn picking me up from the airport because their schedules cleared last minute, her suddenly getting the idea to order massages at the house, going out to a nice dinner, and even the road being paved, all manifested randomly & unplanned by her. It was my arrival that somehow created everything that was happening. I like the way she thinks.

These street dogs can be a bit vicious. I was instructed to either act like I’m picking up a rock to throw at them or actually do it. I’m especially leery as they remind me of the pack of dogs that attacked me in Costa Rica.

Morning Rice Paddies.

The sunrise coming through our living room window on my first morning in Bali.

Here comes the heat. Buddy slept inside on the couch & has since been relegated to sleeping outside.

Echo Beach – 5 minutes from my house.

Tarah & Charles took me for a walk down the beach in the morning then to pancake breakfast.


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