The Night Before My Departure

It’s 10:14 PM & I still haven’t packed for tomorrow’s departure to Peru. I set up this blog in the hopes that I’ll have access during my travels to document my journey.

I’m already feeling a bit scared, or maybe it’s excitement. This is more than just a vacation, this is a spiritual adventure. I’m told we will not only be visiting the ancient sites of Peru but we will be actually participating in the sacred rituals of the land & it’s people. Yes, exciting & a bit scary ~ I’m choosing to take deep breaths & focus on the excitement.

I’m also practicing surrender as I am used to traveling either on my own or with friends where we make it up as we go & do what we want. Traveling with a group, albeit a group of friends, where we are guided the whole time is new & oddly uncomfortable for me. I’ve done almost no research or preparation for this trip. I’m going to be led, so I will relax into that.

Our loose itinerary is a week at Machu Picchu, then a week down in the Peruvian Amazon, & then a week around Lake Titicaca.


5 thoughts on “The Night Before My Departure

  1. WoW! I didnt know you were going to Lake Titiacaca, as well! Wow! I am so glad. I loved it there!
    So many blessings,


  2. Hi, luv.

    I know you are en route as I write this message. I’m going to tag you on my Facebook notes for the month so you’ll know what I’ve been up to.

    Can’t wait to get your updates. I’m so excited for you and this journey you are undertaking.

    I’m sure you know that the Isle of Sun in Lake Titicaca is considered to be the Earth’s 2nd/Sacral Chakra.

    It is DEFINITELY on my list to get to. Of all the Earth’s Chakras I’ve only been to her root, which is Mount Shasta.

    Love you, Scott.

    Big kiss,

    Kalla B


  3. We love you! Happy landing in Peru. Take your vitamins, brush your teeth, be on time, sleep at night, soak it in by day, don’t get bit, eat your veggies, drink pure water, don’t get sick, and have a good time. May the paradise birds of happiness fly safely over you and may the dreaded gomboo and the bubbly crud pass you by.
    Lots of love, ~Dad and Mom


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