Lets just stay here at LAX!

Our 1:30PM flight is finally about to take of at 10PM. Luckily the 5 of us ended up having a great time chillin in the VIP lounge all day. Definitely the best day I’ve ever spent at LAX… not to be repeated ever.

Also, I found out that I may not have as good accessability to this blog as I’d hoped so it might get sparse. Not really a bummer if the posts don’t get better than this one.

OK, time for take off. Adios!


The Night Before My Departure

It’s 10:14 PM & I still haven’t packed for tomorrow’s departure to Peru. I set up this blog in the hopes that I’ll have access during my travels to document my journey.

I’m already feeling a bit scared, or maybe it’s excitement. This is more than just a vacation, this is a spiritual adventure. I’m told we will not only be visiting the ancient sites of Peru but we will be actually participating in the sacred rituals of the land & it’s people. Yes, exciting & a bit scary ~ I’m choosing to take deep breaths & focus on the excitement.

I’m also practicing surrender as I am used to traveling either on my own or with friends where we make it up as we go & do what we want. Traveling with a group, albeit a group of friends, where we are guided the whole time is new & oddly uncomfortable for me. I’ve done almost no research or preparation for this trip. I’m going to be led, so I will relax into that.

Our loose itinerary is a week at Machu Picchu, then a week down in the Peruvian Amazon, & then a week around Lake Titicaca.