Unconditional Love

“Unconditional love says, I am in alignment with who I am regardless of the situation. But it’s asking a lot of you to look at a situation that yanks your chain and rings your bells in a very negative way and to ask you to turn the other cheek and be at one with it. That isn’t what it all about. It’s about letting yourself see it, letting yourself feel it, let what you really want be born within you then tuning yourself to who you really are and what you really want and little by little the world becomes a place that likes itself better.”

~ Abraham Hicks


Be. Feel. Meditate.

People think they’re talking (or posting) about what they’re thinking about, often without realizing that what they’re talking about (and what they’re avoiding talking about) come from what they’re feeling, or what they’re feeling about what they’re thinking.

Often, just feeling what you’re feeling is more satisfying than thinking and talking about it. Especially when you share that feeling experience with another.

Be lovable

When you act likable you might get liked. When you act authentically you might get love.

When you act inauthentically, you might be liked, but you will not experience the love and acceptance that comes from being yourself. Because when you act inauthentically your true self isn’t even there to be loved; others don’t even have a chance to love you because you’re not giving them the chance to know you. All they can do is like you’re likable mask.

To receive love we have to show others what we feel is lovable and what we fear is unlovable, because that’s the part of us that deeply needs love.